_sbs_netsetup doesn’t log off

We’ve been having lots of fun (or not) installing our action pack version of Small Business Server 2008. All of our client machines need to be disconnected from the old domain and then re-connected to the new one. We decided NOT to use the new 2008 migration tool for reasons which I wont go into here, so are having to migrate manually.

When connecting a computer via the SBS connection wizard (found at the URL http://connect) by default, we found that when the _sbs_netsetup user logs on, that it does not log off again, and any attempt to log off manually just causes it to automatically log back on.

To solve this we needed to grant local administrator rights to the local user _sbs_netsetup. Obviously as the user is currently logged on and you cannot log off in order to log back on as an administrator, it is not possible to do this on the local machine. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Run MMC on your server
  2. Add computer management snap-in and set it to manage the computer in question
  3. Browse to Local Users and Groups / Users
  4. Add _sbs_netsetup to the Administrators group
  5. Log off the local machine

Now the SBS setup process should complete as normal and you should end up with a machine connected to your domain and ready to go!

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