IE7 Content Advisor Password Removal

“Good morning, Tanist Computers…”

“Hi, is that Henry?”

“Yes, speaking.”

“Umm something has happened to my computer, and I can’t browse the internet. It seems to want a password and I don’t know what it is.”

“Ok, that would be the Internet Explorer Content Advisor… Let me have a look and I’ll see what I can do.”

<< 40 minute interval >>

“Thanks Henry, you’re a gem!”

Here’s the problem:

Internet Explorer Content Advisor
Internet Explorer Content Advisor

So, how exactly do you remove the content adviser password in Internet Explorer 7? And why did it take so long? Well some registry editing was required, but the hardest part was talking the customer through various steps without being able to see his screen, because of course, he could not get internet access.

To remove the content adviser password you’ll need the following:

  • A second computer with internet access (to download the following file)
  • A USB key/memory stick (to move the file to the problem computer)
  • Download this file (right click-> save target as) and place it on the memory stick

Ok, once you’ve got the remove-content-adviser.reg file on the problem computer, just double click and click yes to confirm. Now, fire up Internet Explorer and you’re away.

Thanks to for finding the correct registry keys.

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