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This post is somewhat off the usual topic of computing but I thought it would be worth compiling a list of injuries I’ve acquired over the last year and a bit, with the view of trying to receive less for the coming year. I’ve also provided a pain rating out of 10 so you can judge for yourself how much each of these injuries actually hurts (10 being maximum pain). I don’t think this list is anywhere near complete but these are the most memorable:

December 2008 – Foot burn.

This time I discovered the hidden danger in making a cup of tea. Having completed the perfect pour I dropped the kettle onto the cups, causing a catapult effect whereby an entire cup of boiling water landed on my foot. It looks quite bad, the skin started falling off straight away and various blisters developed overnight. Initial pain was probably 7 out of 10 but overall only  3 out of 10 (with the right treatment). Recovery time is estimated at 2 weeks.

December 2008 – Coccyx damage.

Snowboarding can be huge amount of fun, the sense of speed is great but as a beginner I found there was a fine line between extreme fun and massive pain. Ski runs are rated by difficulty, green is easy, blue is intermediate, red is difficult and black is extreme. As a beginner I naturally opted to try out a difficult “red” slope. I soon found the gradient of the slope was massive, which made it all too easy to pick up speed. The surface was very hard ice rather than soft snow. I fell at speed onto my tailbone (Coccyx) and ever since sitting down has caused me quite considerable pain. I’d rate the initial pain as a 4 out of 10 but the after pain is a definite 6 as it hurts almost all the time. Recovery time is estimated at +6 weeks.
October – 2008 – Achilles heel.

Running is great exercise and I found I could sleep a lot better after running a mile every day. I kept up a regular run on the treadmill nearly every day. However, I made the mistake of not wearing shoes. This resulted in an unsupported foot and ultimately a very sore Achilles heel. Initial pain was very low, only a 2 out of 10 but I made the classic mistake of ignoring the pain until it got worse. Overall a 4 out of 10 and recovery took 8 to 10 weeks.
June 2008 – Bicycle Crash.

Cycling is of course great exercise too! I thought it would be great to try out the cycle tracks at Haldon Forest Park in Exeter.  I tried some of the normal cycle tracks which were great, but I wanted more. The best on offer was a track rated “severe”- “A highly technical trail for experienced riders with the right bikes and protective equipment.” I defiantly didn’t have the right protective equipment and probably had the wrong bike – the rear tyre blew within the first minute of setting off. Having replaced the tyre I managed a further 30 minutes or so before entering a steeply banked corner way too quick. The track dropped away and I went straight over the bars, forcing my face into a collection of mud and rocks. The result was not good, my face was badly scratched. Luckily nothing was broken (apart from my sunglasses which must have saved my eyes). The pain was bad, probably a 5 out of 10 and the recovery time was quite long – at least 6 to 8 weeks and the scars live on.

May 2007 – Ear damage.

Unlike the previous incidents, this one wasn’t an accident. Some Plymouth scum decided to attack me, landing an unprovoked punch to my right ear, splitting the cartilage and causing a large amount of swelling. The pain was an instant 9 out of 10. Recovery was very slow, about 8 weeks before the pain subsided, although I don’t think my ear has fully recovered, I estimate a 10% loss of hearing in that ear.

So that concludes my accident prone year. I can confirm that thankfully I remain in one piece, all be it a collection of broken pieces!

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