Some useful scripts

Things have been a bit too quiet on here recently, so I thought I would take a few minutes to tell you about some neat scripts I have discovered recently whilst working on a site for Scotts Castle Holidays – they specialise in self catering holidays in large Scottish castles.

The first one would be Highslide JS. SCH uses this on a few pages, for HTML popups as well as the main image galleries belonging to each property. Highslide is an awesome bit of code, customisable in almost every aspect, extensive documentation and a great support forum for issues/feature requests. It needs to be licenced for a commercial site, but it is a small price to pay (29USD) for the instant functionality gain.

Secondly, there is the simple accordion script from Deziner Folio. This required quite a bit of tailoring to add the additional functionality required for the site, but is a great starting point for any accordion as it is so small, coming in at barely over 1k.

Let us know if you decide to use either of the above in your own projects!

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