Sony DCR-HC19E Handycam LCD Repair (black screen)

I recently went on holiday to France and took my Sony DCR-HC19E Handycam along to capture the action. It’s a few years old now but hasn’t had that much use.

It has a fancy touchscreen colour LCD which flips out and rotates. I’ve always wondered how such movement is possible and I’d soon have the opportunity to answer my own question. Only a few days into the holiday and the LCD screen stopped working. Initially it was possible to view the screen when it was folded out to about 30 degrees. Opening it up to 90 degrees and the screen would simply switch off, it just went black. I knew the camera was still functional as the touch screen still worked – just I couldn’t see anything on it. The viewfinder in the camera still works too.

A quick look around the Internet turned up a whole load of people with the same problem. Some people suggested it could be the backlight in the LCD or a CCD Chip problem (Outlined here) but alas my model was not listed.

It was time to get the screwdriver and find the real cause of the problem. Removal of side panel on the camera was straight forward. It’s easy to slip and scratch the case, so I recommend using masking tape to cover the plastic to prevent damage. There are two small screws on the front of screen and one on the hinge. There are two further screws on the rear of the screen/hinge assembly which are only accessible by tilting the screen at an angle, then rotating it slightly. This allows removal of the LCD cover and you can inspect for loose ribbon cables. Mine looked fine so I had to move on to the main camera body.

The main body has about 4 or 5 really obvious screws holding the side on. There is one non obvious screw under the battery. As you remove this, it frees up a small piece of plastic which drops out (and is easily refitted afterwards). Now it’s just a case of carefully levering the side off. I used a small screwdriver, working my way from the bottom to the top of the camera body. It came free quite easily so don’t get too carried away with the levering. You need to be super careful at this point, as the side is still attached to the camera with several ribbon cables.

There should be enough room to look inside and see the back of the LCD hinge.  At least two ribbon cables seem to disappear into the back of the hinge. There is a small strip of sticky felt covering two further screws on the back of the LCD hinge. Remove these two and you should be able to lift up the semi-circle wedge of plastic. I then levered out a smaller piece of plastic which had a ribbon cable clipped into it.

This gave me a good view of the ribbon cable from the screen, past the hinge and on into the camera. I inspected this area closely. That’s when I found the problem. There are two ribbon cables back-to-back which cross the hinge and enter the LCD screen. Just inside the camera, one of the cables in the back-to-back arrangement had clearly split – it looked like someone had cleanly cut the cable with a pair of scissors. This ribbon cable must be replaced in order to restore the LCD to a working condition. Unfortunately I have yet to find a source for this cable. So despite finding the problem I have yet to repair it. In theory with the right ribbon cable it would be a very easy repair.

This is clearly a design fault which has been caused by the rotating screen. Overtime the copper/plastic ribbon cable has become weak and split. I must say I am not best pleased with this and feel that Sony should repair the camera free of charge, although I also believe that given another few years the problem would reoccur, unless the quality of the plastic ribbon cable is improved.

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  1. As an ex tv engineer I suspect a similar problem with mine but this time no functions on the touch screen. The screen is lit ok. Problem is where do I get a new membrane

  2. I HAVE A SOLUTION! First, this is a known issue for Sony, when they do the repair they make a modification to the door so it doesn’t happen again…and it will. While I appreciate the instructional video and I’m tech savvy and extremely good with small electronics, I’ll tell you don’t do the work yourself..Here’s why; First and most importantly, it’s much more challenging than our friend here asserts, remember, he only took it apart and found the ripped ribbon cable, that’s not the same as installing a new one. It’s very easy to damage other components while you’re working…very easy! Then you’re looking at repairs that will far exceed the value of the camera, second, there are a million ribbon cables, knowing you got the exact one you need will be very hard to do. Third, your repair will break again and for the same reason this one did, Sony made a design flaw your repair will not change. Lastly, go back and read #1 again, odds are very good you’ll tear other ribbon cables when you open it up and when you close it back up. There’s a shop in CA called Video Specialists, old “mom and pop” place that will do the repair and mod the door hinge the same way Sony’s doing it for about $175. That’s cheap! The # is 877-677-6363, tell ’em Tommy sent ya. I myself broke it down to do my own repair because I just paid to have mine fixed last year and it’s happened again, I realized even if I could do it, I’ll just be fixing it a 3rd time, $175 to never happen again was a better choice. PS You can try Sony since they acknowledged the flaw, but they’ll likely say it has been working too long for it to be the reason it broke. Doesn’t hurt to try, might get a rep in a good mood,,, Cheers

  3. Same problem here with a DCR-HC20 NTSC. But my problem is that the LCD doesn’t turn upside down when is facing forward.

  4. This problem in my opinion is that the Sony design of this Camera is flawed, the continually opening and closing of this touch screen needs to be redesigned, this ribon is totally unsuitable and will not stand up to continual use.

  5. Does anybody know where to find the Plastic hinge cover for Sony DCR-HC22E Camcorder Nobody seems to have one for sale anywhere

  6. Same story bought my camcorder in March 2008 in Dubai , used it on two holidays in Rome .put it away and now cannot download the stuff in the card and hard drive pisses me off ,live I Ireland what to do . Sony acknowledge problem but where is the expert who will fix my expensive camera and allow me to download the cameras content ? I believe in Sony products but am disenchanted at this time ?

  7. Hi.
    I am looking for the 2nd hand sony handycam old models DCR-HC17E, or any kind using Mini DV cassette,If any one has any kind in good condition, please contact me because I want to buy it.

    Best regards

  8. That 1-877 # for the video specialist shop in California, does not work from Canada. Does anyone have their local number or know that businesses full name so I can call them and ship them my camcorder, as it has the broken ribbon cable too. Thank you!!

  9. My Sony HDR UX7 has the same problem. Blank LCD when turned beyond 30 degrees or so.
    I’m taking the guys advice and getting repaired professionally. I’m in the UK and the Sony service centre will repair and service it for £70 – around $110. I’m sure it’s a ribbon cable fault.
    I wouldn’t attempt to repair it myself. Those screws are tiny for one thing. Get the pros to fix it!

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