Deploy PhotoScape via Group Policy

PhotoScape is a really nice, simple, easy to use bit of FREE photo editing software. It offers a lot of basic features without ever complicating matters – ideal for people just learning to play with their photos, or anyone who just doesn’t want the hassle of having to learn a more complex piece of software.

To deploy this via group policy, you will need to use a startup script, as it is not possible to extract an MSI to use with the usual method. However it’s a really simple script so should be no problem to get it up and running.

Just share the installer executable somewhere on your server (we usually have a shared software directory for this purpose), and add the following to a startup script (replacing the path with the correct one for your situation, of course)…

“\\SVR\Software\PhotoScapeInstall\setup.exe” /S

Note the upper-case S in the switch – it will not function with a lower-case S. This will install desktop and quick-launch shortcuts, which unfortunately there seems to be no way around. However, a good point is that it does not install Google Toolbar, which is an option selected by default if you use the wizard install.

Have fun!

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