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A teacher at a school we work for recently found the free Ikea Home Planner software. It looks like a great bit of software to help children learn about 2D measurements and design. We decided to install it on the school network, however, we came across one major problem. The software would not run unless the user was an administrator, instead quitting with the following error:

The application stops due to an unforeseen situation, for example an error in the database.

It turns out that the application tries to write to various files that are installed in Program Files, which of course normal users do not have access to. Obviously giving the entire userbase rights to modify things in this way was out of the question, so we decided to try some other methods. We have a ‘software’ share on one of the servers for software that can be run directly from an installation directory, so we tried that. The same problem existed, as users were still not able to write to the install directory.

In the end, our solution was to create a new share, to which users have write (update) access, as we did not want to compromise the existing software setup, when everything was running smoothly. Once we had shared the software in a user writable directory (and published it in the form of a shortcut on the default desktop), everything worked!

It would be nice to see an update to the software to allow it to run without administrator rights, as I am sure there are situtations where a solution like ours would not be feasible.

Update 24/03/2009:
We have found that although this solves the problem of running the software, it does not allow you to run more than one instance at a time – useless for a network application like this one. The software must be putting a lock on its files, very annoying!

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  1. Good to see someone across the other side of the world is using the same program (I’m in Australia of course) If no one else has found it or tried it, we have found installing on the D:\ data drive of a workstation (we use partions on our machines, pain in the arse sometimes) works well. Although yes it is alot easier for snot nose brats to play around and delete the program, means teachers are at ease 🙂

  2. another option:

    Install the homeplanner on the local harddrive ( MSI and MST in our situation)

    Group policy Object Editor: ->Computer Configuration->Windows settings->Security Settings->File System.

    Ad %Program Files%\Ikea Homeplanner
    set rw permissions to the user(groups) who are using the homeplanner
    replace the (local )permissions.

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