A week in the French Alps

I was just churning through my documents and discovered a short description of my first ever snowboarding holiday with snowtrex. It’s not complete but it makes an interesting prologue.

Day 1 – Set off at 5am from Exeter, having stayed the night at Reg’s flat. I was trying to convert his Navman S30 to run TomTom – However it took 5 hours, so I didn’t actually get any sleep at all. We set off and I managed a whole 30 mins before handing over to Reg. By 9am we had made good progress, scooting around the edge of London. Then, disaster, the low oil light came on in the car. We pulled in and bought some oil for a quick top up which seemed to fix the problem. In no time at all we were queuing for the ferry. We were way to early so had to wait about an hour and a half. We finally boarded the Norfolkline – cheap but very impressive inside. We left at 12pm, The sea was flat and the crossing was very smooth. Unloading the ferry took a while and we were soon getting used to driving on the right hand side. We forgot to fit the GB sticker and headlight adapters, and passed some police looking extremely uneasy. We pulled in as quick as possible to get the stuff fitted.

We soon settled in to doing about 80mph with the cruise control on. Then a bright flash, what on earth was that. It looked like a mobile speed camera! No! I’m sure I was sticking to the limit, and I had just been overtaken by a french car going faster than me. I don’t know what it was.

Arriving at the resort we were met with stunning views of the alps. There seemed to be a major lack of toilets so we stopped to make some yellow snow. About 15 mins and we were there. It was snowing and the roads were icy. We parked up and soon found the car became stuck. We had to fit the snow chains to make any progress at all.

Check-in took a long time but we paid the 300 euros deposit and picked up the key to the apartment and lift passed no problem. We also picked up the snowboards, and paid an additional 10 euros insurance for the week. We entered the apartment and wow, it was way above expectations.

Day 2 – Very keen to get on the slopes. We soon found some green slopes and went down for our first real run. Ouch, lots of falling over and high speed crashes. I fell off the drag lift. We went back for lunch and then went for a much larger green slope. This was impressive and took about 2 hours to complete, by the time we reached the bottom we were ready to call it a day. My leg was already hurting quite a lot. We returned to the apartment and soon went out for some drinks with the polish.

Day 3 – Keen once again, this time aiming a bit higher at the Jandri express. We met up with the polish and went up Jandri 1 and Jandri 2, right to the top. Then we took the underground train to the very top. The run down was amazing, but my leg was seriously hurting and walking was very painful. Jay realised the camera had gone missing, so he went back with Reg to look for it. I stayed at the 3600 cafe and shared a jug of wine and some potato thing with the polish – yum.

We took a chair lift back up, and Kasia was super scared having never been on one before. As we got off she managed to punch me in the face and I heard a nasty cracking noise in my face. Seems like I got away without a broken nose.

We made our way down to about 2600 and then it was getting late, so we took a big cart (technical term) down and then the tiny white lifts. Reg took his board in for repair after the binding broke.

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