Getting clients to register in SAV (Symantec Antivirus 10.2)

I’ve come across this one a few times now so it’s about time to post about it.

For whatever reason, it’s quite possible to end up with a Symantec AntiVirus client which isn’t talking to the server – You may have accidentally uninstalled Symantec AV from you’re server, reinstalled the server or moved it on to another server. So how do you get those SAV clients to re-register in the console?

Well, I decided to use a logon script to sort out a number of clients in one hit. Download the following av-fix batch file:

Download: av-fix.bat

In the case of SBS 2003 – you need to place this file in the netlogon folder. Once in place, open up the file and place your Symantec server name in the correct place, replacing “\\yourserver”.

To make the logon script silent, I decided to use a small program called hstart. Download it from here and place in the netlogon folder. My script uses the widely available robocopy, so get yourself a copy of that and place it in the same folder.

Now, from your main logon batch script you just need to insert the following line:

hstart /NOCONSOLE “av-fix.bat”

This executes the batch file in hidden mode (the user won’t notice anything)

The av-fix.bat file places a grc.dat in the correct place on your client machines. It also updates the pki directory.

It’s tested to work on XP (but I’m unsure about Vista…)

Sit back and watch the Symantec Console repopulate as the clients login. Beautiful! I hope you find it useful!

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