S3Stat – Reduce Your Amazon S3 and Cloudfront Costs

You can easily start to build up costs through Amazon’s S3 cloud storage without realising. Fortunately this is where S3Stat comes in.

S3Stat is an analytic tool for Amazon S3 and CloudFront. It displays easy to read usage graphs, allows you to track individual files and share reports with a password protected link.

It has a wide range of features including:
Hits per file
Total bytes used and bytes used per file
Overall cost and cost per file
IP address logs

Here is how S3Stat helped us to save money:

We had a video on our website homepage that was costing us $10 per day. Using the visitor and IP logs of S3Stat we managed to figure out that a lot of the cost was due to internal staff visiting the website, by utilising this feature we were able to reduce our costs by two thirds. By using S3Stat alongside our usual analytics we were able to figure out the most cost efficient way to host our media.

We find the most useful feature of S3Stat to be the ability to view daily, weekly and monthly averages of our S3 costs, so we know in advance what we will be approximately spending on our cloud storage.

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